Garden Art

By Ivy Lane

The Idea

Cement. The ugly gray matter binding construction bricks, beautiful mosaics and Garden Art. I started with Rhubarb leaves cast in Portland cement to make stepping stones for my garden.

To brighten my garden path, I applied a black primer and added metallic paints found in a local craft store. The copper and gold colors started the addiction; greens, blues and purples were added to the paint collection.

The Rhubarb leaves grew in size and so did the possibilities for larger stones, not always functional for a garden, but certainly ready for bowls and bird baths. Experimentation with colors and shapes continued and Skunk Cabbage, Hosta and Swiss Chard were cast in the basement sand box.

The challenge in casting is with every piece. No two leaves are the same. Each leaf has its own characteristic in vein structure, shape and size. Pulling the leaf from the casting after a day of curing is always exciting and a surprise. Painting is even more exciting in that each piece picks up the paint colors differently. A bronze and gold combination on one stone may not work on another.

Every piece is an original – never two the same. Garden Art is not limited to the outside. You can use the pieces inside the home as well – think out of the box! Use as candy dishes; guest towels holders, catch all for keys, centerpiece on the dining room table.

Come visit my “studio” or say hello at an event listed on the Events Page. Join me for a Paint & Sip to make your own creative piece. Garden has been a creative journey I will gladly share.